Gift Funnels Online Masterclass: How to create high-converting digital fundraising campaigns

Gift Funnels Online Fundraising Masterclass

Learn the proven step-by-step strategy for planning, writing and totally smashing your digital fundraising campaigns.

"Absolutely brilliant … we used the Gift Funnels system for our Tax appeal last year and had some great results!”
— Tami, Pancare Foundation


Learn how leading non-profits create insanely successful online fundraising campaigns... and how you can too!

When it comes to creating high-converting digital fundraising campaigns, the best copywriters and digital strategists don’t guess. They plan. 

In other words, they don’t just send out a few random emails, post some Facebook messages and hope for the best. 

They create a journey – or funnel – that they know will turn more prospects into donors, and lead existing donors to give more generously. 

And with every campaign, they refine their funnel… leading to even bigger and better results over and over again.

How do they do it? And how can you do it too? That’s what the Gift Funnels Masterclass is all about.

Presented by: Rich Beeston

Rich is the founder of specialist copywriting agency, Linked Creative. Working alongside charities and agencies, Rich and his team have helped hundreds of leading non-profits raise millions of dollars online.

"24 hours after learning from Rich, we had a big win as a result of incorporating the principles he taught ... a major gift and a recurring donor!"​


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Inside the Gift Funnels Masterclass...

The Gift Funnels Masterclass contains 20 step-by-step videos and 30 additional resources to help you learn to easily and simply build highly powerful online fundraising campaigns. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • The PROVEN method we use to create online fundraising campaigns for some of the world’s leading non-profits 
    • The LITTLE-KNOWN way to attract more clicks, then turn them into dollars through email, social media, and your website  
    • The SIMPLE system that takes the headache out of planning and writing your online fundraising campaigns
    • The EASY step-by-step method you can use to make creating your online fundraising campaigns 10x easier
    • The EXACT words and phrases you need to use to attract attention to your cause and increase giving
    • The quick 4-STEP method to craft agency-quality social media posts, web copy and fundraising emails that convert
    • The ONE BIG TIP that will help turn more one-time donors into regular givers  
    • The SMALL change you can make to your online giving forms that will almost guarantee higher conversion rates
    • The SECRET tweaks to your thank-you pages that can dramatically improve your online fundraising results
    • And so much more…

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No matter whether you start from the very beginning, or just dip in and out of modules that interest you, there’s so much to learn in the Gift Funnels Masterclass for new and seasoned fundraisers and digital marketers.

Here’s the full list of modules, sessions and bonuses you’ll get access to today. 

Module One: Social Media Secrets

    1. Three Big Questions
    2. Social Media Secrets
    3. The 4-Step Copywriting Formula—Part 1
    4. The 4-Step Copywriting Formula—Part 2
    5. Putting Your Social Media Campaign Together

Module Two: Home Page, Landing Pages and Giving Forms

    1. Home Page Secrets
    2. Landing Page Secrets
    3. Landing Page Boosters
    4. Giving Form Secrets

Module Three: Funnel Maximisers

    1. Thank You Pages
    2. Follow Up Phone Call
    3. Automated Thank You Emails

Module Four: Email Fundraising and Relationship Building

    1. Email Fundraising Secrets
    2. Email Relationship Building Campaign
    3. Maximising Your Funnels


    1. Five Proven Funnels To Use Right Now
    2. Gift Funnels Scripts (‘fill in the blanks’ templates)
    3. Gift Funnels Swipe File (examples of best practice)